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Wed Dec 6 17:31:33 MET 2000




sol4 rs6000 sgi hppa alpha dg86 linux rhappc


Print Preview update for all u0221 and PDF Handshake 2.0 users


This update is mandatory in case PDF Handshake 2.0 and/or
EtherShare update u0221 has been installed. If u0221 is
installed and viewif is not updated viewif will terminate with
the error message indicating that HeliosDict cannot be found. If
PDF Handshake 2.0 is installed viewif did enter a demo mode
even if a final license was installed.
Also fixed:
- This update together with u0220 and u0221 does implement a simple
custom color name lookup mechanism which is maintained by
ES Admin u0222 and u0223. It will help Print Preview to find a
custom color tint value needed for combining seperation plates.
- The 'Page partial renderered' warning message is not issued
anymore in case no PDF file could be created.
- In case both options combinePlates and separations are set to FALSE
just render the PS jobs as-is. A composite job behaves like
combinePlates and a separated job behaves like separations.
- The viewif program now uses Mb (Megabytes) in the status message
in case the processed file gets larger than 10Mb.
- Also all generic fixes from u0221 are applied.
New features if used with PDF Handshake 2.0:
- FlateDecode (ZIP compression) filter implemented.
- Binary PostScript encoding is now supported. This is for
example used with the binary option of Windows printer
- Optimized imagemask operator uses less memory and renders
- DeviceN support added. Not yet supported is DeviceN with the
image operator beyond the indexed color space.
- Masked images and shadings are not supported fully yet, but do
not produce PostScript errors any more.


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