1. World of HELIOS: Apple WWDC is fruitful
  2. macOS Sierra
  3. New Apple File System benefits
  1. World of HELIOS: Meet innovators and startups at Maker Faires
  2. Upcoming HELIOS Admin adds WebShare Administration
  3. drupa webinars
  1. World of HELIOS: drupa is rapidly approaching
  2. Pre-drupa webinars
  1. World of HELIOS: Apple WWDC 2016
  2. Pre-drupa webinars
  3. Stay current with HELIOS updates
  1. World of HELIOS: Unauthorized computer access by vendors
  2. HELIOS Document Hub 2.0 app now available!
  3. Virtual Server Appliance 2.0 used extensively by HELIOS
HELIOS Document Hub allows businesses to conveniently and securely share documents to iPhone and iPad users. Remote document access and file synchronization, along with document previews, and Spotlight search, make server files readily available to mobile users.
  1. World of HELIOS: developing for iOS or Android
  2. Document Hub 2.0 sneak preview video
  3. Time to migrate to Universal File Server
  4. Meet with HELIOS at Graphics of the Americas
  1. World of HELIOS: Our server solutions in Hollywood @SMPTE2015
  2. WebShare and Document Hub – secure alternative to Dropbox, etc.
  3. Customer WebShare branding
  4. MacTech Conference 2015
  5. Color 2015 Conference
  1. World of HELIOS: El Capitan, Windows 10, iOS 9, etc.
  2. Migration from AIX to Virtual Server Appliance 2.0
  3. New Preview plug-ins for InDesign CC 2015
  4. HELIOS UB64 supports OS X 10.11 clients
  5. Meet HELIOS at SMPTE 2015 27-29 October in Los Angeles
  1. World of HELIOS: Document Hub app for Android – first impressions
  2. Synchronization Service update released
  3. New: Spotlight search for Adobe document IDs
  4. Meet with HELIOS at SMPTE Tech Conference (Hollywood Oct 26-29)
  1. World of HELIOS: Server backup at light speed
  2. HELIOS Symphony Customer Portal training video
  3. Windows 10 clients compatible with PCShare UB64
  4. HELIOS UB64 Top 10 video
  5. Virtual Server Appliance 2.0 new documentation
  1. World of HELIOS: Update from the Apple WWDC
  2. New Virtual Server Appliance 2.0 – a turnkey VM from HELIOS
  3. HELIOS Document Hub development update
New HELIOS Virtual Server Appliance 2.0 file server solution supports Windows, Mac, web, and mobile users. The Linux-based VM supports all major file server protocols (NFS, SMB/CIFS, AFP) and includes advanced technologies such as volume snapshots, synchronization, and Spotlight compatible metadata indexing and searches.
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  2. New HELIOS UB64 manuals available
  3. Hot folder preflight of images
  4. HELIOS introduces new RSA password security
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  2. UB64 Product Focus – Spotlight search
  3. UB64 Product Focus – New proofing capabilities
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