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HELIOS WebShare Quickshare – the most convenient file sharing for any kind of business. Enables fast and secure access to files for remote users, simple user interface focuses on file preview, downloads, and uploads.
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  2. HELIOS Universal File Server UB64 announced
  3. HELIOS UB64 final candidate available – testers wanted
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Turnkey file server solution enables true cross-platform networking for Mac, Windows, Web and iOS clients with industry-standard security, scalability, and performance for businesses of any size.
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HELIOS “LanTest”, a network performance tool, is now available as a native Windows utility for server performance testing of SMB/CIFS server environments of any scale.
WebShare and iPad Document Hub allow you to stay in full control of your data. Read more about the benefits that WebShare brings to your enterprise, compared to cloud solutions offered by Google, Dropbox, etc.
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  4. HELIOS UB2 supports Mavericks, iOS 7, and Windows 8.1
  5. Meet with HELIOS at PIA Color Management Conference
HELIOS UB2 File Server software is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 and Windows 8.1 client workstations, and iOS 7 mobile devices, to offer true cross-platform file sharing, with automated file sync and Spotlight fast file find features.
HELIOS offers a free PrintPreview UB2 license to IFRA Expo visitors attending a presentation of the Fogra certified HELIOS remote softproof solution. iPad Document Hub as the basis for individualized iOS apps and the Virtual Server Appliance are further event highlights.