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HELIOS WebShare introduces Quickshare – file sharing over the Internet made easy

HELIOS WebShare Quickshare – the most convenient file sharing for any kind of business. Enables fast and secure access to files for remote users, simple user interface focuses on file preview, downloads, and uploads.

Hannover, Germany, June 5, 2014 – HELIOS announced its new WebShare UB64 will feature Quickshare link functionality that enables easy file sharing with remote users over the Internet. Quickshare access provides a simple user interface for easily previewing, downloading, and uploading files. Quickshare lets users share files for any purpose to any remote user via a short URL sent in a pre-configured e-mail. Quickshare provides the most flexible and efficient file sharing capability to any kind of business.

WebShare enables secure, remote access to your company file server. Authorized WebShare users can create a Quickshare to publish selected files with just a few mouse clicks, without having to create local share and user access. The external user will get a simple URL by e-mail, which will open a simplified user interface for easy file preview and download. The remote access is limited to the files selected for the Quickshare access. Quickshare permissions can be set to allow remote previews, downloads, and/or uploads. To further increase the data security, Quickshare links can be time limited and password protected. Upon user access, a notification e-mail will be sent to the Quickshare originator.

Unlike Dropbox and other cloud-based products, HELIOS WebShare UB64 Quickshares provide a secure, easy-to-use file sharing solution without the need to copy files to the cloud. Further benefits of a local file server are complete internal control of the data, and file access by local Mac and Windows clients, so that remote and local users share the same file version.

WebShare integrates the HELIOS zipstream technology which, unlike ftp-based solutions, automatically accelerates large file downloads. WebShare Quickshares includes high-quality file thumbnails to make navigation easy and convenient. A zoomable high-resolution file content preview for all major file types helps to select the right data before a download is started.

The new Quickshare feature adds benefits for existing WebShare users, as it offers an elegant way to provide any subset of files and folders. Focusing on just the files required for a given task leads to more efficient teamwork. File access can be provided in a very granular way, matching different project requirements and permissions.

Major benefits of WebShare UB64 Quickshares include:

  • Easy yet secure sharing of files and directories by authorized WebShare users
  • Remote previews, downloads, and/or uploads can be enabled
  • Quick remote access to specified files via short URL
  • Simplified user interface for efficient file previewing and downloading
  • High security via in-house file server – no cloud storage required
  • Automated e-mail notification upon Quickshare user access

Further details about the new HELIOS WebShare UB64 Quickshare feature can be found in a short video tutorial (

HELIOS Software has released the final candidate of the HELIOS Universal File Server UB64 for public testing. Complete details about HELIOS UB64 can be found on the HELIOS website, Customers and prospects are encouraged to join the testing community. Further information is available from any HELIOS reseller.

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