Virtual Server
Universal File Server Solution for Mac, Windows, Web and Mobile Clients

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Document Hub Multi-user Secure Access to Intranet Server Volumes

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Remote Soft Proof Allows reviewing, annotations, and sign-off of
images and documents via a web browser.

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Spotlight Search Lightning Fast Search on Server Volumes
from Mac, Windows, and Web Clients

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SyncHELIOS “dt” Tools Folders, volumes and entire disks are synced to make a second copy of the data available.

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HELIOS LanTest HELIOS LanTest is a very popular network
performance and reliability testing solution for Mac and
Windows clients.

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WebShare Web Portal for Secure Access to
Company File Server.

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Hot News HELIOS Universal File Server G8 releasedSmart ideas for better networking.
Guide to a perfectly matched soft proof Guide to a perfectly matched soft proof

Learn about our experience with soft proof testing and FograCert certified soft proofs.

Enterprise Fileserver Enterprise Fileserver

Cross-platform file and print services with proven reliability and performance in mission-critical environments.

HELIOS Document Hub HELIOS Document Hub

Allows mobile devices to access intranet file server volumes to present and use server documents online and offline.

Generation 8 Server Solutions Generation 8 Server Solutions

HELIOS server solutions run stably over decades, while offering you the best and most advanced technologies.