Grafix World LLC to distribute HELIOS networking and prepress server solutions throughout Latin America.
Upcoming HELIOS EtherShare UB2 is Mac OS X 10.7 ready, offering very fast and reliable TCP based file and print server services to Mac network clients. The prerelease version is available free of charge.
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  2. UB2 adds support for Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) clients
  3. HELIOS UB2 public preview4 is available
  1. World of HELIOS: WWDC – a USA only event this time
  2. Live File Updates with HELIOS UB2
  3. HELIOS UB2 public preview3 is available
  4. HELIOS at Digital Asset Management conference in NYC
  5. Meet with HELIOS at ANDIGRÁFICA 2011 event in Bogotá, Colombia
  1. World of HELIOS: Microsoft buys Skype
  2. HELIOS UB2 Spotlight searches with Office documents
  3. Meet with HELIOS at Expográfica 2011 in Mexico City
  4. HELIOS UB2 public preview2 version is available
Upcoming HELIOS UB2 product family offers enhanced file server support for Mac and Windows clients with improved AFP and SMB/CIFS compatibility, new AD/PDC authentication, and support for Oracle Solaris 11 and Red Hat 6 servers. The public preview is available free of charge
  1. World of HELIOS: Cloud Computing at CeBIT
  2. HELIOS white paper details options for discontinued Apple Xserve
  3. User access lists for HELIOS UB2 volumes
  4. digi:media show in Düsseldorf, Germany
Demise of Apple Xserve worries admins - HELIOS white paper details migration options. Replication of key Apple technologies such as AFP file and print sharing for Macs, Spotlight search, Bonjour server, Time Machine backups, etc. is handled by HELIOS File Server Bundle, supporting Mac, Windows, and Web clients.
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  2. Spotlight searches – here we go
  3. Visit HELIOS at “Graphics of the Americas”
  4. HELIOS UB2 beta6 version is available
HELIOS PDF HandShake UB2 integrates enhanced PDF preflight features of callas pdfToolbox 4, adds support for Acrobat Distiller X on Mac and Windows to Create PDF Server, enhances PDF compatibility and preview rendering, and introduces full text searching capabilities.
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  2. Apple's Mac App Store – deal or no deal?
  3. HELIOS brings Spotlight server and client with UB2
  4. HELIOS UB2 beta5 version is available
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  2. PIA Color Management Conference wrap-up
  3. New HELIOS File Server Solutions to raise the bar
  4. HELIOS UB2 beta5 version is available – get it today
HELIOS software integrates new server-based Spotlight compatible full text and metadata searching in PDF, InDesign and XPress artwork as well as all major image file formats. XMP, IPTC and EXIF standards are fully supported. Cross-platform support includes Mac native Spotlight, Windows Explorer Spotlight extension, Web and CLI tools.
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  2. HELIOS presentation at 2010 Color Management Conference
  3. Annotations – New Proofing Feature
  4. New platforms to be supported
Hierarchical annotations and color inspector for preview files enhance remote soft proofing, optimized WebShare UB2 user interface, and iPad support for easy remote preview and approval access, are highlights of upcoming HELIOS UB2 shown at IFRA Expo.
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  3. Remote Proofing review in PUBLISHING PRAXIS
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