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HELIOS Software ships new UB+ Unbreakable Server Software suite of cross-platform networking, PDF, and image server solutions. UB+ software runs on all major server platforms, and includes client support for Windows Vista, Mac OS X Leopard, and any remote web browser. The UB+ suite introduces Tool Server, an automation tool to seamlessly integrate third party applications with the HELIOS server.
HELIOS Software enhances its next generation UB+ Unbreakable Server Solutions Suite with sophisticated remote proofing capabilities. The new WebShare ICC proofing support accurately previews the final output color and content of images and PDFs, on any remote Mac or Windows client. Color matched composite, spot color, and separation previews allow for high quality easy to use remote approval.
HELIOS Software introduces its UB+ generation of Unbreakable Server Software at the IfraExpo trade show, October 8-11, in Vienna, Austria. The UB+ suite incorporates highly advanced ICC color management to produce the most accurate colors in documents, proofs, and print output. New color management features include support for Black Point Compensation, grayscale profiles, DeviceLink profiles, and ICC 4 profiles.
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HELIOS WebShare UB+ and the Apple iPhone are perfect partners for on-the-go design and print professionals to easily and securely manage, preview, and proof files remotely.
HELIOS Software introduces its UB+ generation of Unbreakable Server Software at the Graph Expo trade show, September 9-12, in Chicago, IL. HELIOS software runs on all major server platforms, and supports Windows, Mac and Web clients. The UB+ suite introduces advanced transparency support including PDF flattening, to allow creative freedom, while ensuring reliable proofing and print production.
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Transparencies cannot be used in a traditional PostScript workflow due to PostScript limitations. However it is possible to use transparencies in a layout application like Adobe InDesign or Quark XPress since they perform transparency flattening before a job is printed to a PostScript device.
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HELIOS Software debuts its UB+ generation of Unbreakable Server Software that runs everywhere, supporting all major server platforms, and Windows, Mac and Web clients. The UB+ suite includes WebShare UB+, the fastest and most secure remote file management platform, with a new Web 2.0 interface, custom branding capabilities, extensive access controls, audit trail, and fast file searching.
HELIOS Software announced today its new HELIOS UB Server Solutions Suite for less than 10.000 Euro. The new software bundle includes HELIOS EtherShare UB, PCShare UB and WebShare UB, plus HELIOS ImageServer UB, PDF HandShake UB and PrintPreview UB, and saves 4700 Euro.
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HELIOS’ simplified Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 utilizes the IBM 64-bit 3.2 GHz Cell processor to provide a powerful state of the art Linux server for Sony PLAYSTATION®3.
HELIOS offers pre-compiled kernel modules for Red Hat AppleTalk support.