1. World of HELIOS
  2. Adobe says – EPSF is legacy
  3. Automated image resolution fixing
  4. HELIOS Admin Tips & Tricks – Filter options for log files
HELIOS offers free “mkisofs” utility that can be used to create UDF disk images for backups, file archives and system snapshots.
  1. World of HELIOS: CeBIT time
  2. HELIOS Admin Tips & Tricks - Column heading
  3. HELIOS cold spare agreement (SE003) on a different platform
  4. HELIOS "mkisofs" – UDF disk image backup utility
Free Mac backup tool Xtar from HELIOS Software supports open source to ensure reliable cross-platform file transfers.
  1. World of HELIOS: Software maintenance
  2. Asset management – way ahead
  3. HELIOS Xtar for Mac OS X
  4. IBM System p5 virtualization – deal or no deal?
Unique advantages of HELIOS UB with Canto Cumulus 7 compared to Xinet FullPress with WebNative Venture.
  1. World of HELIOS: Three times Intel, quad CPUs, ...
  2. Sun Solaris 10 ZFS offers blazing filesystem performance
  3. VMware Virtualization – deal or no deal?
All HELIOS UB based products and tools have successfully passed performance and reliability testing using the new Sun ZFS file system.
  1. World of HELIOS: Just how important is backup?
  2. HELIOS WebShare upload progress bar now available
  3. New SQL desktop database is available (beta)
  4. PDF-native OPI (Update u0584/u0585; Techinfo #103)
  1. World of HELIOS: Apple's Developer Conference
  2. HELIOS presents the all new "dt" tools
  3. Acrobat compatible PDF preflight; podcast interview
  4. HELIOS LanTest supports Mac OS X Intel
  5. HELIOS Script Server setup using HELIOS Admin
The new HELIOS "dt" tools allow storing and working with client files on a UNIX server, while ensuring that Macintosh resource information, Windows file stream information, and meta data are left intact.
HELIOS fully supports the Apple Xsan file system with all HELIOS server products
Modern day OPI (Open Prepress Interface) solutions, such as HELIOS ImageServer, incorporate much more than just OPI image replacement.
Modern pre-press applications like Adobe InDesign are moving to a direct PDF output workflow allowing advanced features like PDF transparency, drop shadows, and embedded XMP metadata. These features are incompatible with today’s PostScript output, but will be fully supported by this HELIOS solution.