Secure remote folder and file sync for business users. Multi-user access to designated remote intranet server files with drag & drop file transfer between local workstations and remote servers.
HELIOS UB2 is fully OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion compatible, with support for critical OS X 10.8 features including Spotlight search and Time Machine backups. HELIOS UB2 server software offers secure, high performance, cross-platform network client connectivity.
Secure remote file synchronization for business users facilitates remote project collaboration. Multi-user access to designated server files via web browser for remote and off-line use. Automatic remote file synchronization ensures that all users work with the latest versions. Drag & drop file transfer to and from the server.
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  2. Apple WWDC 2012 – an iOS dominated conference
  3. HELIOS UB2 ready for Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
  4. HELIOS PCShare UB2 ready for Windows 8 clients
  5. Enhanced HELIOS UB2 Spotlight search
  6. HELIOS ImageServer Script Assistant update
  1. World of HELIOS: Presenting the HELIOS 4
  2. Remote soft proofing
  3. iPad Document Hub
  4. Spotlight search
  5. Virtual server appliance
  6. HELIOS WebShare and Proofing drupa promotions – available to all
  1. HELIOS seminar invitations at drupa 2012
The new HELIOS iPad Document Hub publishing platform offers a turnkey solution to present server hosted documents and images on iPads. The app source code is available to allow development of unrestricted customized solutions or apps for individual businesses.
  1. World of HELIOS: no Cloud mirroring
  2. HELIOS seminar invitations at drupa 2012
  3. HELIOS WebShare and Proofing drupa promotions
  4. HELIOS presents new iPad document publishing platform at drupa
HELIOS to show at drupa a new iPad solution to browse, access and present intranet server documents on mobile devices. The solution synchronizes file server documents and media files to remote users for local use. Register for HELIOS drupa seminars for details.
  1. World of HELIOS: AirPlay and the iPad
  2. HELIOS seminar invitations at drupa 2012
    Remote soft proofing
    iPad Document Hub
    Spotlight search
    Virtual server appliance
HELIOS seminars explore latest technologies to improve productivity. Remote soft proofing and collaboration, server virtualization, Spotlight search for server files, and iPad document publishing platform seminars will be presented throughout the event.
HELIOS soft proof online guide reveals best practices and advanced techniques for soft proof set-ups. The detailed step-by-step guide helps all soft proofing sites achieve the highest possible accuracy from their soft proofing solutions.
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  2. New guide: How to get perfectly matched soft proofs
  3. Macworld UK awards 4 stars to HELIOS UB2 server suite
  4. Graphics of the Americas 2012
HELIOS WebShare UB2 remote proofs displayed on Eizo ColorEdge monitors earn Fogra soft proofing system certifications. Remote web browser based soft proof collaboration accelerates approval processes and saves money.
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  2. HELIOS earns new FograCert soft proof certifications
  3. Fogra's Color Management Symposium
  4. HELIOS UB2 supports server virtualization using VMware ESXi 5