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HELIOS Software will debut its UB+ server solutions suite with new ICC color management features at IfraExpo

HELIOS Software introduces its UB+ generation of Unbreakable Server Software at the IfraExpo trade show, October 8-11, in Vienna, Austria. The UB+ suite incorporates highly advanced ICC color management to produce the most accurate colors in documents, proofs, and print output. New color management features include support for Black Point Compensation, grayscale profiles, DeviceLink profiles, and ICC 4 profiles.
Hannover, Germany, October 8, 2007 – HELIOS Software GmbH, a leading developer of cross-platform networking, PDF, and image server solutions for Mac, Windows, and web clients, will introduce at IfraExpo (booth #A900) the next generation of its Unbreakable Server Solutions, named HELIOS UB+. With its new UB+ version, HELIOS incorporates the most advanced ICC color management features into HELIOS ImageServer, PDF HandShake, and PrintPreview, making it the most reliable and feature-rich color management server for the newspaper and media publishing firms at IfraExpo.
HELIOS server-based color management addresses the needs of color-critical environments, automating design and production processes to reduce time and costs, while meeting the most exacting color quality requirements. HELIOS advanced color management is used throughout the HELIOS product suite, for the highest quality color matched: image conversion, content repurposing, proofing, printing, and WebShare image and document previews.
In HELIOS UB+, new color management features include support for Black Point Compensation, grayscale profiles, DeviceLink profiles, and ICC 4 profiles. While HELIOS has long supported the ability to detect and preserve Grays, Whites, and Blacks for both vector and image data, UB+ can now preserve primary colors as well. Also, HELIOS Tagger, the ICC profile tagging application, goes cross-platform, supporting Mac and Windows.
These capabilities are utilized by users in many ways:
  • as a general purpose image conversion engine (in web, prepress, and asset management environments)
  • to normalize incoming images to a standard color space and format
  • to repurpose documents, optimized for each different medium (e.g. Internet, magazine, newspaper)
  • to support on-the-fly RGB to CMYK color space transforms while printing
  • for local and remote proofing with separations and color matched composite preview 
All of these processes can be full automated, or used interactively via hot folders or print queues. HELIOS WebShare adds remote workflow support, including remote proofing, preflighting, and the ability to to remotely view images and documents.
The flexibility, ease of use, and predictable, accurate output of the HELIOS color management system is well suited to the needs of agencies, prepress firms, and of course, newspapers and magazines.
Smart Ideas for Better Networking
HELIOS UB+ Unbreakable Server Solutions deliver mission critical server solutions to enterprise, government, university, and prepress sites. WebShare, EtherShare, and PCShare provide integrated cross-platform networking for Mac, Windows and Web clients, with advanced file and print server services, and easy remote server administration. HELIOS ImageServer, PDF HandShake and PrintPreview bring high efficiency and advanced capabilities to design, prepress and printing operations.
HELIOS products run on powerful and scalable servers including Apple Mac OS X, IBM AIX, Linux, Sun Solaris, and Windows systems. HELIOS products provide reliable cross-platform support for Mac, Windows, Web and UNIX-based clients.
Distributors sell HELIOS products worldwide to value-added resellers who provide complete networking solutions to customers. HELIOS also works with many strategic partners that incorporate HELIOS server software to provide powerful third-party archive, asset management and workflow solutions.

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