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HELIOS Software introduces its Universal File Server solution for the Intel Edison embedded computing platform to provide an extremely small, fast, and power efficient file server for use over WiFi with Windows, Mac, Web, and mobile clients.
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HELIOS LanTest, an acclaimed network performance tool, is now available for OS X and Windows clients, for server performance testing of AFP/SMB server environments of any scale.
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  3. Introductory special prices until end of year – save 30%
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HELIOS introduces Universal File Server UB64, an integrated software solution providing Mac, Windows, and iOS file sharing, with Spotlight search, synchronization services, and IT infrastructure monitoring
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HELIOS WebShare Quickshare – the most convenient file sharing for any kind of business. Enables fast and secure access to files for remote users, simple user interface focuses on file preview, downloads, and uploads.
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Turnkey file server solution enables true cross-platform networking for Mac, Windows, Web and iOS clients with industry-standard security, scalability, and performance for businesses of any size.
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