1. World of HELIOS: home automation on an Intel NUC
  2. HELIOS Virtual Server Appliance 3 volume snapshots
  1. World of HELIOS: Final performance tests of the Apple M1
  2. HELIOS G8 support for Apple M1 Mac clients
  3. HELIOS G8 is compatible with Cumulus Companion
  1. World of HELIOS: Stunning news about the Apple M1
  2. Apple “Big Sur” workstations run perfectly with HELIOS G8
  3. HELIOS G8 without Java license fees to Oracle
  1. World of HELIOS: Time to install HELIOS G8
  2. HELIOS G8 – New color management
  3. Get ready for future macOS versions (Big Sur & ARM Macs)
HELIOS introduces Universal File Server G8, an integrated software solution supporting Mac, Windows, web, iOS and Android clients. It offers file sharing with Spotlight search as well as collaboration capabilities for businesses of any size.
  1. Arm CPU performance on the fast lane
  2. HELIOS G8 – final release is available
  3. WebShare G8 – web portal with slideshow
  1. World of HELIOS: Big tech antitrust hearing
  2. WebShare G8 – web portal with Image Editor
  3. HELIOS G8 on its way – preview3 available
  1. World of HELIOS: Apple Big Sur & 64-bit ARM Macs
  2. HELIOS G8 on its way – preview2 available
  3. New HELIOS LanTest – storage latency testing
  1. World of HELIOS: post-Corona time
  2. HELIOS G8 on its way – preview available
  3. Easily set up remote collaboration
  4. macOS file access rights in own user folder
  1. World of HELIOS: Google's quantum computer
  2. HELIOS Virtual Server Appliance
  3. License-free Java runtime in preparation
  1. World of HELIOS: The hell of cloud dependence
  2. Universal File Server UB64 is compatible with macOS Catalina
  1. World of HELIOS: Apple Mac computers are becoming much more popular
  2. HELIOS Universal File Server supports upcoming macOS “Catalina” clients
  3. HELIOS server solutions on the upcoming macOS 10.15 (e.g. Mac Pro)
  4. Linus Tech Tips: thoughts on Apple's new Mac Pro
  1. World of HELIOS: Goodbye, Google+ …
  2. Major new version (2.0) of IT Monitor app for iOS released
  3. Mobile connectivity status update
HELIOS IT Monitor Server allows IT infrastructure monitoring with push notification upon server issues. The new app version 2.0 supports the latest iOS versions and devices.
  1. World of HELIOS: Endless security problems due to memory access within CPUs
  2. “Mojave” client support
  3. HELIOS is developing SMB protocol support for Macs
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  2. macOS Mojave and HELIOS Universal File Server
  3. iOS 12 and HELIOS Document Hub
  4. HELIOS Software guide aids migration of macOS Server services
  5. HELIOS Privacy Statement