WebShare Connectivity

Personalized file and services portal
  • Highest security & performance
  • Real time remote file access
  • Image and document proofing
  • Personalized GUI per client
  • Drag and drop file transfers

It used to be that the network was the LAN. Today, the network is the Internet. Employees, partners, and customers expect content and services to be available anytime, anywhere. HELIOS WebShare not only makes it possible, it makes it easy, for both users and administrators. WebShare is a personalized portal not only to access files, but also services. WebShare provides the link between staff, partners, and customers, facilitating collaboration, and building customer loyalty and retention.

A HELIOS server provides cross-platform networking for Mac, Windows, and web clients, as well as additional capabilities serving a broad range of industries. WebShare acts as a portal for not only remote file management and transfer, but also for image processing, ICC color management, proofing, PDF production, workflow automation, printing, and more. It greatly leverages the reach and value of the services you offer.

The WebShare experience begins by logging into an interface customized for that user or their company. They are presented with sharepoints (file directories on the server) that they are granted access to. File management options are the same as in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. File comments can be added, and images and many document formats can be previewed. ICC color-matched proofs and separations of images and PDFs can be viewed and printed. E-mail support is built-in, and an indexed search within each sharepoint finds files fast.

HELIOS hot folders enable remote access to proofing, PDF preflighting, image conversion, and any other Script Server automated process. WebShare action scripts enable additional remote procedures. This capability turns a file server into a services portal.

WebShare is designed with security as the highest priority. Hence, it is the ideal secure replacement for FTP, and for use where secure file transfer is mandated. Security is enforced at many levels, including file system permissions at the user level. Administrators can set file management and other options for users and groups on each sharepoint. Host, Active Directory, LDAP, and virtual users are supported. A detailed audit trail is maintained.

Administrators can also quickly and easily design personalized interfaces for users or groups, using the built-in GUI editor. No technical experience is necessary. Configuration of users, sharepoints, and general settings is accomplished via the WebShare UI. Support for integration with other products, e.g. digital asset management systems, is built in.

Performance is optimized by the exclusive HELIOS "zipstream" technology, for on-the-fly zip compression and extraction. File transfers begin immediately, with no delay. Close attention to low-level network details yields extremely efficient and rapid page views and file transfers.

WebShare even supports drag and drop file transfers, directly from the WebShare interface, into a WebShare Manager project folder. WebShare Manager coordinates the transfer and two-way synchronization of these files.

A HELIOS server with WebShare extends the reach of your server and services to employees, partners, and customers worldwide. Convenience, collaboration, and security are enhanced, to build customer loyalty and revenue opportunities.