Versatile and certified proofing capabilities via web, monitor, and printer
Key benefits include:
  • Printer and monitor proofs – now certified
  • Local and remote proofing
  • Web soft proofs
  • Proof workflow
  • Images and documents
  • In-RIP separation
  • Transparency control
A proofing solution for many users and all production stages

Proofing of images and documents for content and color is an ongoing process, from initial draft through final approval and production. Clients, designers, and print and web production teams must collaborate, often at a distance, to produce the desired product.

HELIOS can assist from the very beginning, at the content creation stage. The extensive ImageServer image processing and ICC color management capabilities allow creation and repurposing of images for the specific output intent. HELIOS WebShare makes it easy to transfer and manage digital assets, and to view and print color matched proofs of images and PDF documents via web browser. Even color separations can be previewed remotely! Proofs are ICC color matched so that the final output can be accurately previewed on a monitor or proof printer.

So far, opinions have differed on the question of whether a soft proof on a proof monitor can replace print proofs. Some say there is no way but print proofs, while others think that soft proofs will make the shipping of print proofs redundant. However, by now each and every one has been convinced by the outstanding quality of WebShare proofing.

HELIOS is awarded FograCert for soft proofs in web browser

Since December 2009 it is official: soft proofs can replace print proofs. HELIOS was awarded the highly coveted FograCert under the auspices of the recognized soft proof program. HELIOS WebShare was convincing, earning FograCerts for soft proofs with Fogra39 (ISOcoated v2), utilizing 3 Quato monitors, and 3 Eizo monitors. WebShare allows remote proofing in any web browser.

More information on FograCert

HELIOS WebShare remote proofing solution passes all 24 IPA RoundUP tests

HELIOS WebShare also simplifies remote proofing, using mainstream inkjet printers. And because we like to prove it, the HELIOS WebShare proofing solution passed all 24 IPA RoundUP tests in 2009. Good news for all those who need to view and print the proofs at remote places.
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Proofing workflow details