Product Overview

Server Products

    Products: Base + EtherShare / PCShare

  • High-performance and extremely fail-safe server:
    failed processes do not affect other processes, and are automaticaly restarted
  • Highly recommended for mixed networks comprising Mac, Windows and Web clients (5 to 500 clients)
  • Runs on Apple Mac OS X, Linux, Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX, Windows Server 2000 / 2003 / 2008
  • Fast and easy installation by system administrators, also available as a VM file server solution1) for Mac, Windows and Web clients
  • Index Server for Spotlight compatible searches, also from Web clients2)
  • Backups via “Time Machine”
  • High-performance printing system
  • Authorization server

1) Virtual Server Appliance license required
2) WebShare license required

“Cloud” Products

    Products: WebShare + iPad Document Hub

  • Secure remote access to all of your files
  • For enterprises and IT service providers
  • For Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone and all web browsers
  • Synchronize local folders similar to Dropbox, etc. – without the drawbacks of a cloud

Products for Marketing and Media Service Providers

    Products: ImageServer + PDF HandShake + PrintPreview

  • Server-based image processing / conversions
  • For marketing departments and media service providers, e.g. photographers / studios, agencies, and prepress
  • Shift processor intensive tasks to the server
  • Process automation with ICC color management, OPI support and previews of images or InDesign / QuarkXPress document pages
  • Automated PDF generation, preflighting (via pdfToolbox by callas software), printing with OPI support
  • Certified soft proofs of PDF, image, and Office documents and annotation support in WebShare


    Products: Tool Server + Script Server

  • Server-based automation of client applications
  • Available tools:
    • PDF flattening via Acrobat (Mac / Win)
    • Conversion: Microsoft Office to PDF (Word / Excel / PowerPoint)
    • Conversion: HTML to PDF (Mac)
    • Conversion: RAW to TIFF (Mac)
    • Photoshop actions (Mac AppleScript)
  • Customizations possible