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HELIOS Universal File Server UB64 released

HELIOS introduces Universal File Server UB64, an integrated software solution providing Mac, Windows, and iOS file sharing, with Spotlight search, synchronization services, and IT infrastructure monitoring.

Hannover, Germany, October 7, 2014 – HELIOS Software today released its new HELIOS Universal File Server UB64 software that runs on all major server platforms. The new HELIOS UB64 release is entirely 64-bit based and has been highly optimized, to provide the best performing and most compatible file server solution offering cross-platform file sharing for Mac, Windows, web and iOS mobile clients. Additional capabilities include a built-in indexing and search system that enables users to quickly find server files by text content and metadata, a versatile file synchronization system, server service monitoring, and unified server administration. This makes HELIOS Universal File Server a perfect solution for businesses of any size to support Windows, Mac, web, and mobile clients, with the single HELIOS UB64 integrated solution.

HELIOS Universal File Server UB64 incorporates EtherShare UB64, PCShare UB64, WebShare UB64, iPad Document Hub, WebShare Manager, and the all new IT Monitor Server.

IT Monitor Server provides IT infrastructure monitoring with iPhone push notifications to admins upon server overload or service failure. Admins can then use the cross-platform HELIOS Admin to remotely manage HELIOS services.

Remote file access is easier than ever with WebShare UB64, with Drag & Drop upload support. Browse, transfer, preview, and securely share server files. iPad Document Hub securely provides online and offline access to server files. Sharing a collection of files right from the file server to any remote user is a simple task with the new WebShare Quickshare feature.

Helmut Tschemernjak, CEO of HELIOS Software GmbH, notes: “It has always been our goal to offer a universal truly cross-platform file server solution, which provides fast, reliable, and easy-to-use file access to any kind of local or remote client. With the new Universal User license, companies can provide high-level file and content accessibility for their users without any limitation of the used client OS.”.

Benefits of the HELIOS Universal File Server include:

  • Provides native Mac and Windows file services
  • WebShare web portal for secure access via web browser, with Drag & Drop support
  • Spotlight indexing and search support for Mac, Windows, web, and mobile clients
  • IT Monitor Server with iPhone push notification to report critical server conditions
  • Uniform server administration from Mac, Windows, UNIX
  • WebShare Quickshare URL links enable quick and easy sharing to remote clients
  • iPad Document Hub offers secure access to intranet server volumes
  • Extensive synchronization support for server volumes and remote clients

Special introductory offer
All new product purchase and upgrade orders placed before the end of 2014 will qualify for special 30% off introductory pricing.

Detailed information including video tutorials about the complete HELIOS UB64 server suite can be found on the HELIOS website.

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HELIOS UB64 Unbreakable Server Solutions deliver mission critical server solutions to enterprise, government, university, and prepress sites. The HELIOS Universal File Server UB64 software incorporates HELIOS EtherShare, PCShare, WebShare, iPad Document Hub, and IT Monitor Server to provide integrated cross-platform networking for Mac, Windows, Web, and iOS clients, with advanced file and print server services, and easy remote server administration. HELIOS ImageServer, PDF HandShake and PrintPreview bring high efficiency and advanced capabilities to design, prepress and printing operations.

HELIOS products run on powerful and scalable servers including Apple OS X, IBM AIX, Linux, Oracle Solaris, and Windows systems. HELIOS products provide reliable cross-platform support for Mac, Windows, Web and UNIX-based clients.

Distributors sell HELIOS products worldwide to value-added resellers who provide complete networking solutions to customers. HELIOS also works with many strategic partners that incorporate HELIOS server software to provide powerful third-party archive, asset management and workflow solutions.

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