Migrating HELIOS UB2 to UB64


All UB64 settings are compatible with UB2. This means that the UB64 software can be overinstalled and everything will work as before, once your new UB64 activation keys are installed. Please ensure that you also check and install all available UB64 updates starting with u1100 and higher. Please read our Tech Infos which will include general compatibility articles and possible workarounds and advices.

What is new in UB64?

See What is new in UB64?

Windows: “HELIOS_APPS” volume name changes to “HELIOS Applications”

Customers who use automatic Windows network drive mapping of “HELIOS_APPS” need to change it to “HELIOS Applications" instead. Also shortcuts to the “HELIOS_APPS” volume must be altered to “HELIOS Applications”.

Full-text indexing (Index Server)

In UB64, PDF HandShake is not required anymore for PDF full-text indexing. The volume “Spotlight” settings option PDF Text Indexing in HELIOS Admin allows activating PDF full-text indexing. Tech Info #155: “HELIOS UB64 PDF full-text indexing performance considerations”

To benefit from the new indexing capabilities (indexing of Zip archives, PDF text, color labels, etc.) it is required to trigger a Rebuild Spotlight Index in HELIOS Admin. Prior to this, you should do a Rebuild Desktop in HELIOS Admin to ensure a valid “.Desktop” database containing all files.

Desktop rebuilds

The “.Desktop” database is fully compatible between existing UB2 installations and UB64. It is also possible to downgrade back from UB64 to UB2 without doing any rebuilds. Although it is not necessary to make a desktop rebuild after the UB64 migration, it is advised to rebuild all desktops because we added a new database index which makes access faster. See Tech Info #170: “Slow file server performance after UB64 migration”.

Java requirements for Windows

A 64-bit Java version is required for the Windows platform as well as for the client programs HELIOS Admin, ICC Tagger, and Touch.


The “OPI Tools” volume name has been changed to “ImageServer Tools”.


The PostScript RIP application “psrip”, which is suitable for creating previews of vector EPS and PostScript files, is now part of HELIOS ImageServer UB64.

SMB name for home volumes

The variable volume name generation (“~%u”) for the home directory (“~”) is not supported anymore. This has not been working properly with PCShare UB2 for Windows clients due to SMB/CIFS protocol limitations which sometimes enumerate the volume list before doing the user authorization.

To avoid this problem, the default SMB name for all users' home directories is now “Home” or as specified in the volume settings. The name generation via the “%u” variable is not supported anymore.

When overinstalling, the SMB name of an existing home directory volume is changed from “~%u” to “Home”. If the home directory is not defined as a HELIOS volume or if the SMB name is different from “~%u” then nothing is changed.

Mac OS 9 applications HELIOS Mail and HELIOS Terminal

The UB64 installation will remove the old HELIOS Mail and HELIOS Terminal applications from the “HELIOS Applications” volume. Existing Mac OS 9 clients using these applications will continue working. So if you need HELIOS Mail or HELIOS Terminal on your Mac OS 9 clients, make a backup of these applications.

Supported platforms

All programs are 64-bit based, for faster performance and to overcome memory resource limits. For details see:

Script Server automation

The license requirements for the PDF related Tool Server conversion tools (“pdfflatten”, “html2pdf”, “pdf2bmp”) have changed.

Instead of the formerly required PDF HandShake license a valid ImageServer license must be entered in the respective configuration file, e.g.:
# $Id: osxpdfflatten.conf,v 1.5 2013/11/19 16:07:33 demouser Exp $
#@(#)HeliosVersion 3.0.0b5 Copyright 2007-2014 HELIOS Software Garbsen
# config file

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