Tech Info 197: HELIOS SMB server has no security problem

HELIOS Tech Info #197

Thu, 23 Dec 2021

HELIOS  SMB server has no security problem

When it comes to security issues, some users are worried because of the HELIOS SMB server implementation. They are concerned about ransom- and other malware “hijacking” their own HELIOS server environment due to an allegedly higher security risk.

Fact is, the HELIOS SMB server implementation is a completely self-developed version which has nothing to do with the Microsoft implementation. Hence, all published SMB server security concerns are exclusively related to Microsoft’s SMB server.

Our HELIOS SMB server has no security problems at all. None of the Microsoft SMB server exploits affect the HELIOS SMB server, since it is a completely different system.

For customers this might be confusing because when there is a rule to disable SMB 1 for security reasons, they do not realize that this only affects Windows SMB server implementations.