New Features in HELIOS WebShare UB64

  • All modules are 64-bit based which yields faster performance, and overcomes memory resource limits
  • Keyboard navigation for file browsing
    Keyboard-based navigation to quickly select files by typing names
  • Smart list view shows server generated thumbnails for all images and does not depend on custom icons
  • Drag & Drop upload support
    Allows you to easily drag files into the WebShare file browser window for uploading
  • Upload support for files greater than 4 GB via drag & drop uploads
    Uploads will be split into smaller 2 GB chunks to overcome browser and network web proxy limits
  • Download support for files greater than 4 GB via the new WebShare UB64 zipstream Zip64 support. This is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 or higher and Windows Vista or higher clients.
  • WebShare action scripts can open WebShare components
    Action scripts can dynamically create HTML hyperlinks, which enables the user to navigate to different WebShare components, e.g. into a proof window which displays page 12 of a specified file, with a zoom of 100%. So scripting solutions allow to easily create and use URL distribution links into the existing WebShare session.
    Supported components are: file browser, preview, proof, download, Spotlight search and upload. The included “” action script contains various examples with description
  • Quickshare support
    Allows publishing a group of files via a short URL for remote users, without a need to set up extra users and share points. Quickshare links are simple and users can download, upload and preview files via a simplified user interface. Quickshare URLs can be specified with a duration, after which they expire
    Video: HELIOS WebShare Quickshares
  • iPad color optimized previews
    HELIOS includes iPad optimized ICC profiles for the brightness of 160 and 320 candela (cd/m2). iPad Document Hub includes viewing information used for the server to calculate image previews. This means all iPad zoomable previews get automatically color optimized for the iPad screen, to offer the best possible viewing result
  • WebShare Manager
    Compatibility and performance enhancements, 64-bit Java support
  • Video: HELIOS WebShare and Proofing Tour (What is new in UB64?)