New Features in HELIOS Script Server UB64

  • All modules are 64-bit based which yields faster performance, and overcomes memory resource limits
  • Updated HELIOS ScriptAssistant
  • Directory events for metadata changes
    The Script Server Folder Changes filter allows monitoring just directory changes (new/renamed/removed) for a given path or within an entire volume. With UB64, this option will also include event notifications for when the metadata of a folder is changed. So Script Server scripts can be triggered when folder metadata such as color label or file comments for a file stream (e.g. Finder tags) has been changed
  • Hot folder scripts for removed files
    Heavy use Script Server customers can benefit from hot folder scripts that are called for deleted files and directories. This is mainly used, when file changes, including removed files and folders, must be documented and maybe used with linked workflow solutions. See RemoveEvents preference in the ImageServer UB64 manual