New Features in HELIOS EtherShare UB64

  • All modules are 64-bit based which yields faster performance, and overcomes memory resource limits
  • New Mac OS X HELIOS LanTest with 40 Gb Ethernet support
  • New OS X extended attributes support allows saving meta data for files
    This is used for Finder tags, file metadata, or security information for files and folders. The attributes are saved as an extra file stream, therefore Mac, Windows and “dt copy” will preserve this additional information when copying files.
  • Finder permissions extension
    Set and edit server file permissions directly from within the Finder of connected Mac clients
  • Finder Tags support (in the Finder and in Spotlight searches)
  • Entirely new AFP file server caching
    This  accelerates OS X client access dramatically when working on very large folders.
  • Enhanced Spotlight compatibility
  • HELIOS Admin for Mac uses 64-bit Java
  • EtherShare for Windows support
    EtherShare for Windows replaces Base for Windows and includes full AFP support.