New Features in HELIOS Base UB64

  • All modules are 64-bit based which yields faster performance, and overcomes memory resource limits
  • “HELIOSDIR/public” is exported as “HELIOS Applications” for Windows clients too.
  • Synchronization Service
    • HELIOS “dt sync” provides powerful file synchronization. Folders, volumes and entire disks are synced to  make a second copy of the data available. Synchronization is available for manual or batch operation using the “dt sync” command line. Easy setup and monitoring of synchronization jobs can be performed via the HELIOS Admin graphical user interface. This makes it simple to configure sync schedules to be processed at specified times/days or started immediately. HELIOS Admin allows monitoring sync jobs, and inspecting sync job logs. Reporting of sync jobs will be sent by e-mail to admins. Parallel running sync jobs are fully supported
    • The new HELIOS Admin “Syncs” tab adds a GUI for the “dt sync” command. Documentation for “dt sync” can be found here, or via the command line:
      $ HELIOSDIR/bin/dt sync, e.g.
      $ /usr/local/helios/bin/dt sync
    • Overview of the new HELIOS UB64 Synchronization Service:
  • Universal File Server
    • Universal File Server with Universal Users offers a simpler yet more versatile way to license and deploy the HELIOS solutions
    • A single cross-platform file server solution to support Mac, Windows, Web, and mobile users, it incorporates:
      EtherShare • PCShare • WebShare • IT Monitor Server • iPad Document Hub • WebShare Manager
    • Universal Users allow flexibility as user networking needs evolve
  • IT Monitor Server
    • Provides IT infrastructure monitoring with iPhone push notification to admins upon server overload or service failure
    • Pro-active notification
    • Monitor server workload, services
    • iPhone is used to observe the status of services, browse messages, use graphical performance charts, and to manage settings
  • Index Server
    • Spotlight compatible
    • PDF indexing support (without PDF HandShake option)
      Standard PDF full-text extraction is included in HELIOS Base which should be sufficient for most sites. The PDF HandShake add-on utilizes Callas pdfToolbox and offers several times faster performance and more precise text extraction. As PDF word boundaries and text flows can be very complex and sometimes unpredictable, pdfToolbox can handle the most complex PDF files. For enterprise customers with a very large pool of PDF files the PDF HandShake add-on is recommended

      Tech Info #155: PDF full-text indexing performance considerations
    • PDF text indexing support
      Allows specifying whether full-text in PDF documents is subject to indexing (the file name and basic PDF author information is always indexed)
    • Text word list extraction of indexed text files:
      dt ftinfo -c filename

      This is ideal for diagnostics, to verify all indexed words in a file. It can also be used by connected asset management systems to import HELIOS metadata and text.
    • File/Folder color label indexing and search support (attribute: _kMDItemFinderLabel)
    • Omit indexing for directories
      Allows excluding entire directory trees from Spotlight indexing
    • Zip archives indexing support
      Backup archives of file sets are commonly used on Mac and Windows. Now the names of files contained within Zip file archives are indexed, and therefore can be found via Spotlight search
  • Finder tags indexing support (OS X 10.9 and higher)
    The OS X 10.9 Finder tags allow storing additional tags with notes into each file or folder. This information is extracted and indexed so that Spotlight searches from Mac, Windows, web and iOS clients can find these tagged files
  • Authentication Server
    • AD/PDC compatibility and performance enhancements
    • Additional long name login support (e.g. using “Henry Smith”)
  • Encrypted SMTP mail
  • HELIOS Admin enhancements
  • Enhanced HELIOS MachID driver for heavy tool use
    We had some cases where many processes checking the MachID could time out. A newer MachID driver ensures that many concurrent MachID requests do not run into time-outs
  • Optional BIOS based MachID (not ready in beta 1)
    For customers running blade hardware or hosted servers without USB port access, UB64 includes an option to use a BIOS based MachID, similar to the VM MachID when running in a supported VM environment
  • OS X 10.9 workstation/server is supported to run HELIOS UB64 as a server
  • Base for Windows will be discontinued as EtherShare for Windows is available with UB64