WebShare G8

Web Portal for Secure Access to Company File Server


Ease of Use

  • Easy to install, administer, use
  • All major web clients supported

Server Features

  • Two-tier server application
  • Sharepoints with custom permissions
  • Spotlight search support (Take video tour)
  • RSA crypted login & HTTPS support
  • Brandings, personalized GUI per user
  • Custom “Action Scripts” and forms

Remote File Access

  • Browse files and directories
  • Download and upload files / folders
  • On-the-fly Mac / Win Zip compression
  • File management: permissions, copy, rename, delete files and folders
  • Slideshow for presentations
  • Image Editor for office and web use

Remote File Preview (*optional)

  • All major image formats and PDF
  • Office documents (via Tool Server)
  • *Adobe InDesign Mac / Win documents
  • *ICC color proofing


  • All major server platforms