WebShare G8

Web Portal for Secure Access to Company File Server

Server Installation
  • Fast, menu-driven installation, easy installation for system administrators
  • Web-based administration 
Client Installation
  • Uses standard HTML web browsers
WebShare File Server
  • Native program running on file server
  • Supports Windows NTFS and UNIX Unicode/UTF-8 file systems
  • File system security is enforced according to the user permissions, due to separate processes running with user credentials
  • User authentication for local host users, LDAP, NIS, and Windows AD/PDC users via included authentication server in HELIOS Base
  • Virtual users/names are supported
  • E-mail notification on activity
  • TCP/IP security options, access lists
  • Custom scripts with HTML forms
  • E-Mail memo support included
  • Priority/privileged user file transfer
  • HELIOS Index Server search system
  • Detailed accounting audit trail
  • Shared file comments (Web/Mac/PC) 
WebShare Web Server
  • Java program running on server with Internet connection
  • Customizable user interface via built-in GUI-based branding editor
  • Multiple language support
  • WebShare web server uses one dedicated TCP/IP port for all web clients. (Optional firewall possible)
  • No external CGI-programs used
  • No data files are stored or cached on WebShare web server
  • URL-based login parameters
  • SSL content encryption is supported
  • RSA 1024-bit encrypted passwords
  • Security white paper
WebShare File Server Tools
  • “zipstream” generates on-the-fly Zip files compatible with Mac and Windows file formats
  • WebShare Perl scripts allow customization and auditing of web user actions, e.g.: login, download, upload, rename, duplicate, delete and copy files and folders
  • Icon Collector tools for Mac/Windows
WebShare Sharepoints
  • Specify shared directories
  • Users and groups are assigned to sharepoints
  • Specify available options: browse, preview, download, upload, and file management (delete, copy, rename, move, create folders, etc.)
  • Custom permission options (e.g. allow additional read, write access)
  • Performance white paper
Remote Zoomable Previews
  • Individual and gallery views, spreads
  • Previews of TIFF, EPSF, DCS 1, DCS 2, Scitex CT, JPEG, PICT, BMP, JPEG2000, JBIG2, PNG, … files
  • PDF document previews
  • Office document previews (Word/Excel/Powerpoint), via Tool Server. Requires Microsoft Office on Windows or Mac
  • URL based image access and API
  • Optional with ImageServer G8: Previews of Adobe InDesign documents for Windows and Mac. Access to the original documents, applications, images, fonts, etc. is not needed
  • Optional with PrintPreview G8: ICC color proofs of images and PDFs, hierarchical annotations, color info
HELIOS Base benefits

The WebShare File Server and the WebShare Web Server use HELIOS Base, which provides these core HELIOS technologies: Server fail safety, Unicode support, networking, and more.  

Flexible Licensing Scheme

The WebShare File Server license is tied to a file server machine and a certain number of users. There is a 10 or 30 user server base license available. User expansions are available in steps of addl. 10, 50 or unlimited users. Optional maintenance agreements: Software Upgrade Service, cold spare licenses.