Document Hub

Multi-user Secure Access to Intranet Server Volumes

Server Installation
  • Fast, menu-driven installation, easy for system administrators
  • Easy administration
Client Installation
  • Download app from the app store
  • Quick setup: user, password, server
Access Permission

All file server OS authentication and filesystem access permission is enforced for remote users. Additional access customization allows:  

  • Specify users/groups per Sharepoint
  • Allow or deny preview, upload, download access
  • Send E-Mail notification on access
  • Restrict access by app device IDs
  • Login-scripts for further restrictions (e.g. remote IP address , device IDs, username, device location, login-hours)
Intelligent HTTP XML Protocol

All communication between the app and the server is done via HTTP XML requests. The protocol is optimized for secure and fast remote access:  

  • RSA 1024-bit encrypted login
  • Compressed file transfers
  • Resumable uploads/downloads upon network availability
  • Server based preview generation (low-res for quick previews/icons)
  • Quick directory browsing
  • Streaming download/upload
App Source Code – Document Hub

Customers, integrators, enterprise businesses and media companies can build their own customized app solutions for different needs. The full HELIOS Document Hub app source code is available to WebShare customers. It allows customization and development of their entirely own apps by utilizing the intelligent and secure remote content access foundation of their WebShare servers. Benefits include:

  • Full app source code access (100%)
  • Time-to-market savings
  • Major app development savings
  • No charge per view, content, issue
  • No charge per app
  • No dependency on vendor hosting, content is hosted on customer's WebShare server (no HELIOS hosting)
  • Powerful, reliable, and intelligent app
  • Utilizes HELIOS WebShare server: PDF rendering, image processing, color management, authentication, Zip streaming, hot-folder automation option, etc.
  • Intelligent local app caching of accessed files/folders/documents/previews

HELIOS Document Hub app source is confidential, requires NDA agreement.

More information: Document Hub for Developers & Enterprises

Gallery and preview views

Documents and images can be browsed via a list, gallery, or preview view. Individual images and PDF documents can previewed at 50%, 100%, 200%, etc. zoom. The preview and gallery modes are highly optimized to utilize server color rendering, and transfer only the required data for the mobile device current view.

HELIOS WebShare & Base Benefits

The server utilizes HELIOS WebShare and HELIOS Base. Learn about them at: The WebShare File Server and the WebShare Web Server use HELIOS Base, which provides these core HELIOS technologies: Server fail safety, Unicode support, networking, and more.

Flexible Licensing Scheme

The WebShare File Server license is tied to a file server machine and a certain number of users. There is a 10 or 30 user server base license available. Expansions are available in increments of additional 10 or 50 users. Starting with 60 users the license is unlimited. Optional maintenance agreements: Software Upgrade Service, cold spare licenses.