Document Hub for Developers & Enterprises

No need to reinvent the wheel again

Document Hub is a highly optimized and secure solution to browse, synchronize and present documents from Intranet servers on mobile devices. Time-consuming tasks like preview rendering of images and PDFs is done on the server utilizing HELIOS imaging technologies. Secure authentication against AD, LDAP or local server users is provided, enforcing even server file access permissions. Downloads, uploads, and file browsing are highly optimized including compression and resumable transfers. iPad Document Hub allows working offline using server-defined security. Built-in server-defined synchronization ensures that all clients automatically have the latest documents available. A perfect solution for mobile iOS devices.

Leverage the HELIOS server, imaging, networking and mobile know-how which has been developed with hundreds of man years. HELIOS makes the entire source code of the Document Hub app available at no charge to customers and their developers. And, there is no charge per view, content, issue, or per app, with no dependency on other vendors or hosting services. This allows building their own branded and customized app solutions, saving years of development and bringing solutions to market faster. The entire source code is available, enabling developers to creatively and fully utilize HELIOS technologies.

Some simple ideas for what can be developed
  • Quickly customize Document Hub app with custom name and logo to access Intranet data
  • Create your own app that will be distributed to your employees via your web server (no Apple Store involved)
  • Create an app where settings (e.g. server address, …) are pre-configured
  • Build a document presentation solution
  • Build a museum app presenting the latest server content on mobile devices
  • Build a kiosk app to present goods where the content is server-defined and synced
  • Build an image viewer to present server-defined content with ratings
  • Build an app for sales people to access warehouse information and to present products
  • Build an app to present product documentation that is always up to date
What are the next steps?
  • Become a HELIOS WebShare customer
    By purchasing the WebShare server solution, which is the backbone for HELIOS Document Hub. Existing WebShare customers with a service agreement are ready, too.
  • Check out the HELIOS Document Hub License Agreement
    It defines the terms for getting the source code. For questions, please contact us at mktg (at) The document is available here
  • Join the HELIOS Document Hub discussions on Google+
    Here you can discuss all questions about developing solutions utilizing HELIOS Document Hub. This is also a good place to exchange ideas with others, and to meet developers that are available as contractors.
    Please note that you need to add the Google+ Document Hub Developers page to your circles. Otherwise you will not see all postings. HELIOS Document Hub Developers on Google+
  • Develop your own app
    Development can be done using the Apple iOS SDK with Document Hub app source code to communicate with your WebShare server for testing.
  • Distribute and/or deploy your own apps
    One option is to build a complete solution where the developer hosts an extra WebShare server for these customers to offer a turnkey solution. All HELIOS Webshare UB2 customers can also be users of your app. Developers can also develop solutions for their customers on a contractor base.