Base G8

Superior Server Foundation for all HELIOS Products

Server installation
  • Fast, menu-driven installation, easy installation for system administrators
  • Extensive documentation in PDF and online manuals 
Server Administration
  • Remote server administration from macOS, Windows, and UNIX via HELIOS Admin over TCP/IP and HTTP
  • Manages local users, volumes, printers, server settings, security settings, TCP/IP access lists, logs, etc.
  • Remote server file browsing & editing
  • RSA 1024-bit encrypted passwords
  • HELIOS Services, “srvutil” front end to manage different services
  • Open files tool
  • Central start / stop HELIOS scripts
  • CLI “dt” utilities for file management
Server Fail Safety

All services are managed and monitored by the HELIOS Service Controller.  

  • Automatic reporting of problems
  • Automatic service restart if required
  • If a process fails, other processes are not affected
  • Automatic starting order
  • Allows easy integration of third-party services and scripts
  • HELIOS SDK available to develop additional start/stop COM plug-ins to permit more control, e.g. start, stop, restart events, messages 
HELIOS Update Installer

Each HELIOS file has a version number managed by our version control system.  

  • Automatic download of updates
  • Automatic installation of updates
  • Option to roll back installed updates 
Authentication Server
  • Central server supports authentication of local host users, LDAP, NIS, and Windows AD/PDC users
  • “authutil” tool to look up accounts and verify/change user passwords
  • Optional script to allow/deny logins by user, service, TCP/IP, time, etc.
  • Central passwords up to 64 bytes 
DHCP Server

Built-in DHCP server automatically distributes DNS, router, WINS and TCP/IP addresses to Windows and Mac clients. A second server can be used as a DHCP backup server, in case the main server fails.

HELIOS mDNS Server (“Bonjour”)
  • Supports multiple network interfaces
  • Proxy for non-Bonjour devices
  • Tools and API included
HELIOS Index Server

Indexes full text, file and image metadata, including XMP, IPTC and EXIF. Answers Spotlight compatible queries for file content and keyword values.  

Server Auditing & Monitoring

Live monitoring and tracing of any HELIOS service and/or individual session, to isolate/identify problems. It complements network and system traces.  


All HELIOS services utilize Unicode

  • Unicode UTF-8 is used for file names
  • “uniconv” tool converts files and file names between different encodings
  • All major client encodings are supported
  • HELIOS SDK to add/use encodings 
Migration to other platforms

All installed HELIOS products and settings can be transferred to any supported platform. All server settings including volumes and printers are automatically re-created on the new system by transferring the HELIOS “var” folder.

Advanced Printing System

Large server sites require a superior printing system to manage their printing needs. The HELIOS printing system includes key features like custom spool directories, moving of jobs between queues, reprinting and archiving of jobs, full error feedback and control, etc. It is lpr/lpd compatible, supports PostScript, PDF and other jobs with many features:

  • Error and hold queues for all queues to reprint and monitor the jobs done
  • Print job accounting
  • Remote LPR printers, LPR Bonjour
  • 64-bit print jobs (no 2/4 GB limit)
  • Printing via TCP/IP Stream (socket)
  • Print to disk including compression
  • Time queue to specify printing times
  • Balance queue for load balancing
  • Clone queue for multiple workflows
  • Print to AppleTalk PAP Printers (requires EtherShare G8)
  • Print to Windows SMB/CIFS printers (requires PCShare G8)
  • Print to Create PDF queue (requires PDF HandShake G8)
  • Print to PDF bitmap proof queue (requires PrintPreview G8)