Base G8

Superior Server Foundation for all HELIOS Products


Ease of Use

  • Easy to install, administer, use
  • Remote server administration from Mac, Windows, and UNIX

Server Features

  • Server fail safety via the HELIOS Service Controller. Automatic logging and restart of failed services
  • Advanced printing system (“lpr”)
  • Authentication server with LDAP, AD/PDC, NIS and local user support
  • SMTP messaging & mail tool
  • Process auditing and tracing tools
  • Unicode 16-bit character support
  • Easy migration to other platforms
  • DHCP main and backup server
  • mDNS server (“Bonjour”)
  • Index Server for Spotlight searches (Take video tour)
  • CLI “dt” utilities (mv, rm, cp, ls, ...)
  • Synchronization services (except on Windows)
  • HELIOS update installer w/ rollback
  • Server preferences repository
  • ICC profiles repository
  • HELIOS SDK available


  • All major server platforms