WebShare Manager file synchronization – now including folders

Secure remote file synchronization for business users facilitates remote project collaboration. Multi-user access to designated server files via web browser for remote and off-line use. Automatic remote file synchronization ensures that all users work with the latest versions. Drag & drop file transfer to and from the server.

HELIOS WebShare enables secure remote access to server files via any web browser. Authorized users can navigate the file system, or use Spotlight search to find files. But to access frequently used files, or those in a current project, it is convenient to have them automatically synchronized to a user's Mac, Windows, or UNIX/Linux computer. It is also convenient to simply drag & drop files to transfer them to or from the server. HELIOS WebShare Manager is the powerful client application that provides these capabilities to HELIOS WebShare users.

Utilizing WebShare Manager, users can drag & drop project files from the web browser or the local workstation into the “WebShare Manager” project window to enable two-way synchronization of files between the remote WebShare server and the local workstation. The project oriented approach allows remote collaboration using files scattered in various locations on a file server, without the need to move or collect those files into a single folder.

This facilitates:

  • Remote workflows – Users can conveniently and securely access the latest server documents and work remotely. Their updated documents are then synced back to the server.
  • Remote project collaboration – WebShare multi-user support facilitates collaboration, allowing authorized individuals and group members to access project files and folders. Automatic synchronization ensures that all users are working with the latest versions. Version control can automatically rename an older server file, when a newer version is uploaded.
  • Remote backups – Automatically backup files from a workstation to a remote WebShare server, allowing remote offices and laptops to be integrated into your corporate backup system.

No cloud security/reliability/performance concerns

Unlike many “cloud storage” and remote hot folder synchronization apps, HELIOS WebShare and WebShare Manager are designed for collaboration, with multi-user access to designated files, and enterprise grade security. The files reside on your own corporate file server, so LAN users enjoy the fastest file access, and can then access files remotely after leaving the office. No copies of your files are needed on any vendor’s cloud storage.

Key features:

  • drag & drop upload/download of local and server files
  • multiple project folders can be set up
  • projects allow viewing scattered server files all together
  • versatile file synchronization direction: none, one, or two-way
  • synchronize specific files, or entire directory trees
  • with recursive subdirectories turned on for a project, files added to a synchronized directory are automatically added to the project and synchronized
  • customizable synchronization schedules
  • server files can be used offline, and synchronized when next connected
  • automatic resumption of interrupted uploads/downloads ensures high file synchronization reliability
  • support for files larger than 4 GB

New in update u0950:

If a directory is added to a project, and recursive subdirectories are enabled, the project synchronization will automatically add new files in that directory to the project. This makes WebShare Manager significantly more powerful and comprehensive.