1. World of HELIOS: Germany and the fuzzy image
  2. Monitoring Time Machine backups
  3. Tech-Tip: live tracing of HELIOS processes
  1. World of HELIOS: the new web site is up
  2. Time Machine Backup image creator
  3. Tech-Tip: Easy access to system error messages
HELIOS ImageServer UB+ ScriptAssistant simplifies the configuration of hot folder based automated workflows for image repurposing, PDF preflighting, printing and proofing. In combination with HELIOS Tool Server, remote workstation applications can also be integrated into HELIOS prepress server software processes.
  1. World of HELIOS: Soft proof replaces hard proofs?
  2. WebShare proofing – new server-based color matching feature
  3. Time Machine recovery via the Mac OS X Boot DVD
  4. Windows 7 compatibility
Fast and reliable PostScript to PDF conversion based on industry standards. Create PDF Server runs native on Intel Macs and automates Acrobat Distiller via printer queues for Mac and Windows clients.
HELIOS EtherShare UB+ AFP file-server volumes to be used as Mac OS X Time Machine backup devices.
  1. World of HELIOS: Subscription adds flexibility
  2. Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard client support
  3. Time Machine backup server
  4. Create PDF Server on Mac for Distiller 8&9
Customers will benefit from mixing purchased and subscription HELIOS software products at the same site. Service providers can offer HELIOS software on a subscription basis for remote or local usage. Using HELIOS software for short terms without long-term investment has become easier and more attractive.
  1. World of HELIOS: Mac workstation backup
  2. XPress 8.1 PDF transparency support
  3. HELIOS ScriptAssistant to automate hot folder workflows
  4. Asian fonts support in PDF HandShake
HELIOS WebShare remote proofing solution passes all 24 IPA RoundUP tests. Excellent remote proofs printed on mainstream inkjet printers without the need for a local RIP solution.
  1. World of HELIOS: Apple – Innovation continues
  2. IPA Proofing RoundUP: WebShare passed 100%
  1. World of HELIOS: iPhone Apps wanted
  2. Cross-platform file comments and color labels
  3. Client software installation checklist
  4. Preview Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents in WebShare
  5. WebShare Manager in-development version on CD024
  1. World of HELIOS: IBM to take over Sun?
  2. Grace period ends April 1 for back-ordering Software Update/Upgrade Service
  3. New HELIOS Preview XTensions and Plug-ins included on CD024
  4. WebShare now includes previews
  5. Create PDF Server support for Acrobat Distiller 9 on Windows
HELIOS technologies and tools allow the full integration and automation of HELIOS server solutions, together with 3rd party server and client applications, into a unified workflow. This guide provides an overview of these capabilities, and how to easily get started using them.
Main benefits of HELIOS server virtualization include consolidation of servers, enhanced hardware flexibility, and load balancing, while retaining isolation of services, when operating in VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V, and IBM AIX VM environments.
Server virtualization is the technology that enables one or more "virtual machines" to run on a single physical host server. A virtual machine (VM) encapsulates an operating system, together with any desired applications, and generally has all unnecessary services turned off.