Tech Info 204: Resolved: Apple macOS file corruption issues on server files

HELIOS Tech Info #204

Fri, 15 Dec 2023

Resolved: Apple macOS file corruption issues on server files

The problem has been verified using macOS Sonoma and Ventura clients working with InDesign on the server. Older macOS versions and other applications may have the same file corruption problem.

We had some customers reporting that working with Adobe Creative Suite on server volumes is causing problems. Unfortunately, nobody reported a reproducible problem. In common was the statement that this occurs more likely using
the newer Apple Silicon Macs.

After extensive HELIOS internal testing we had a chance to reproduce a situation when working with InDesign on the server and exporting PDFs could result into corrupted files and/or left-over open files on the server. The problem could also be seen using the HELIOS “locktable” tool which showed left-over open/busy files on the server volume. An volume eject was required to fix this.

We have clearly identified that this is an macOS client problem; the problem exists with HELIOS and Apple servers. We have developed an workaround to overcome this reproducible problem.

The upcoming HELIOS update u1316 resolves this problem, it is available for HELIOS G8.

Customers with an active service agreement can download and install this update. Installations without service agreements must reactivate/backdate expired service agreements to be entitled for the update, contact the HELIOS partner for this.

We will update this Tech Info upon new facts for this macOS client problem.