Tech Info 195: macOS 12 client compatibility with HELIOS G8

HELIOS Tech Info #195

Wed, 27 Oct 2021

macOS 12 client compatibility with HELIOS G8

macOS 12 (aka “Monterey”) is fully compatible to be used as a client connected to a HELIOS G8 server.

We have done initial tests with the final release of macOS 12 for compatibility with HELIOS G8 server environments. All tested macOS 12 client features, including AFP file server access, Spotlight search, printing with the HELIOS TCP printer driver, HELIOS Admin, and WebShare portal access, work fine.

Q: Is HELIOS UB64 also compatible with macOS 12?
A: No, only the G8 release includes full macOS 12 support. HELIOS UB64 does not include client utilities for the M1 Macs and is therefore not compatible. It is recommended for all server environments to install HELIOS G8 to receive support and to be able to install the latest updates.

Q: Is SMB supported by HELIOS G8?
A: No. File servers are accessed via AFP which works perfectly with macOS 12, including Spotlight search and the HELIOS Permissions Finder extension.
HELIOS is developing SMB client support for macOS but there is no release date announced yet.

Q: Can the HELIOS G8 server be installed on macOS 12?
A: Yes, many partners use HELIOS G8 on macOS for presentation and testing purposes. See Supported Platforms.