IT Monitor Server G8

Server Monitoring and Notifications via iPhone


Ease of Use

  • Easy to install, administer, use

iPhone App Features

  • Push notification on alarms
  • Server load utilization charts
  • Service availability overview
  • System messages browsing
  • Server Actions (via HTML CGI scripts)
  • Multiple iPhone admins per server

Server Features

  • Automatic notification upon service failure or server overload via e-mail and iPhone push notification
  • Constant monitoring of CPU, net, memory, paging, and disk utilization
  • Server service monitoring of AFP, SMB, LPR, FTP, PING, SMTP, IMAP, HTTP, POP3, LDAP, DNS, MS SQL, MySQL for local and remote services. Custom services can be added
  • System log message monitoring and filtering for “ALARM” conditions
  • iPhone intranet/internet proxy


  • The server license is tied to a specific machine
  • All major server platforms
  • Included in Universal File Server UB64