WebShare for Businesses and IT Service Providers

WebShare for businesses

enables them to securely share files from their on-site intranet file server, to remote users who access the files via web browser. The benefit is that access to the file server can be controlled via WebShare sharepoints, with file access permissions enforced for each user. WebShare has been created for business file server environments to use the file data, permissions, and authentication exactly as they work with local clients accessing the file server directly via a mounted volume.

The data is always current for the remote user because it is the live file server data being accessed. This is true whether access is via a web browser, or subscribed to via the WebShare Manager, which syncs files to the remote user. Likewise, iPad Document Hub, which enables offline file use, includes automatic syncing of server data to keep the mobile device up to date.

Additional benefits are the Spotlight search, to find all files on a file server within seconds, and the WebShare gallery mode, which allows presenting files in a smart and efficient way, including zooming into documents and images. All this has been created to offer the highest security with excellent performance for remote users – there is no better way to share file server data for business environments.

Benefits of WebShare for businesses
  • WebShare portal for secure access
  • No extra copy of the data needed for Internet sharing
  • Security of existing files is enforced (passwords, users, groups, file permissions)
  • Optimized file transfer (Zip streaming, unpacking)
  • Easy access via web browser and iPad/iPhone mobile users
  • Gallery mode for file presentation
  • Document and image previews (zoomable)
  • Document reviewing and annotations (optional via PrintPreview)
  • Full control of the data
WebShare for IT service providers

like telecoms, system integrators and Internet service providers allows them to set up WebShare servers dedicated for business customers or individual users to share files and folders. The benefit here is that the service provider can offer a totally web-based file sharing solution which is super easy to use and includes powerful capabilities like Spotlight search and file synchronization to clients via WebShare Manager and iPad Document Hub. Offering this instead of a naked server or VM allows a unique differentiation. In addition, the service provider has full control of the data and its backup. Basically building solutions without the need to reinvent the wheel again.

Benefits for IT service providers
  • Allows building web-based turnkey solutions
  • Unlimited user licenses allow hosting many users with a single server
  • Allows customizations (own features, brandings, hooks into file access, etc.)
  • iPad/iOS mobile access solution included
  • Source code available for iPad Document Hub for custom solutions
  • Synchronization solution for client included (WebShare Manager)
  • Synchronization services between disks or a second server