HELIOS Scripting Solutions

HELIOS Scripting Solutions

Script Server

HELIOS ImageServer includes a Script Server service that implements a file event-driven hot folder mechanism for immediate and automatic batch processing and workflow automation. Configuration and administration is easily done from PC, Mac, and Web environments via HELIOS Admin.
HELIOS Script Server Scripts

Tool Server

HELIOS Tool Server allows applications running on network clients to be automated and remotely used by the HELIOS server. Many applications and technologies are only available on a specific platform. Tool Server makes these required applications and technologies available to your HELIOS server, as a standalone process, or for integration into server workflows.
HELIOS Tool Server Examples


HELIOS WebShare is a high-performance server, which enables fast and secure real time file access via any Web browser. Authorized users, wherever they are, can easily use the file server without exposing it to the Internet. It is possible to include scripts in the WebShare workflow which automate tasks, add features, etc. WebShare comes with custom scripts and sample action scripts.
HELIOS WebShare Scripts

“dt” Tools

“dt” tools mimic the functionality of some major UNIX commands for handling files, while maintaining the integrity of the desktop database.  “dt” tools also provide access to Mac specific file information from a UNIX prompt.
HELIOS “dt” Tools

IT Monitor Server

HELIOS IT Monitor Server allows IT infrastructure monitoring with push notification to admins upon server overload or service failure. Custom server actions of any sort can be scripted to provide remote notifications. Preventing IT failures saves time and money – a must for every mission-critical environment.
HELIOS IT Monitor Server

Printer Scripts

HELIOS Script Server allows automatic processing of print job output in a scripted workflow. For this, a notify program to the desired queue in HELOS Admin needs to be applied. The required notify script “createEvent.sh” can be used for a “Print To Disk” queue, a “Create PDF” queue, or a “Print Preview” queue.
HELIOS Tech Info #121