New Features in HELIOS PDF HandShake UB

PDF 1.5 support

Used in Acrobat 6.

JPEG2000 and JBIG2 support

PDF HandShake UB now supports both the JPEG2000 and JBIG2 image file formats. JPEG2000 offers a far better compression rate than the standard JPEG image file format and furthermore supports lossless compression. JPEG2000 allows additional metadata and XML specifications within the JPEG2000 file. HELIOS offers JPEG2000 read/write support.
JBIG2 has been developed especially for Bilevel images. This format features a very good compression rate which exceeds CCITT-G4. JBIG2 supports both lossy and lossless compression and allows halftoning of Grayscale images. HELIOS offers JBIG2 read-only support.

PDF OPI resolve

(requires HELIOS ImageServer UB)

Layout images are replaced directly in the PDF

  • No PDF > PostScript > PDF conversions
    Documents are not “re-Distilled”, so Distiller is not needed
  • PDF remains unchanged, only the images are replaced
  • Transparencies are preserved
  • Meta data (e.g. job tickets, XMP) are preserved
  • Fast and reliable 

All settings as in an OPI printer queue

ICC profiles and output parameters.

Utilizes specially configured “hot folders”

Repurpose InDesign low-res PDF job

No need to output InDesign document for different needs, e.g.:
  • Optimized for press
  • Optimized for digital print
  • Optimized as 144 dpi RGB color matched customer proof
  • Optimized for archiving with JPEG2000 image compression 

128-bit encrypted PDFs

Used in Acrobat 5 and 6.

Shading separation

PDF shadings can now be printed as separations (composite and in-RIP printing is already supported in earlier PDF HandShake versions). Color matching for shadings is done by PDF HandShake which allows predictable CMYK colors for shadings independent of the output device built-in color management.

Enhanced overprint support

Full overprint mode (PostScript Version 3015.102) and black overprint support for both host-based and in-RIP separation. Black overprints for host-based separations were already supported in the previous version. One of the benefits is that PDF documents using normal black can be printed on in-RIP devices using black overprints.

Office PDFs

GhostScript PDF generation support via “Create PDF Server” service.

Create PDF Server for Mac OS X

  • Support for Acrobat Distiller 6 via new CFM based Create PDF Server application
  • Support for Acrobat Distiller 7 via new Mach-O based Create PDF Server application


Introduction “Create PDF Server”

“pdfinfo” utility

Supports listing of Crop / Art / Trim / Bleed box per page, supports listing of image resolution, color space and compressions.

Password option for PDF tools

The PDF HandShake utilities “pdfcat”, “pdfform”, “pdfresolve”, “pdfnote” and “pdfinfo” support the -p option for opening password protected PDF files.

PDF-preflight via pdfInspektor

pdfInspektor is a preflight tool for PDF files, and is included in PDF HandShake UB. Preflighting is applied via:
  • “Create PDF” printer queue
  • “Hot folders”
  • WebShare action script 
No need for other preflighting applications.