New Features in HELIOS PDF HandShake UB+


  • Support for previews of transparent PDFs
  • Support for PostScript OPI of transparent PDFs 1)
  • Support for flattening of transparent PDF documents 2)
  • HELIOS Tool Server solution for automated (remote) client applications
  • Enhanced compatibility with existing PDF files
  • Accurate ImageServer layouts and previews of PDFs (e.g. knockouts and overprints)

Create PDF Server for Acrobat 8 (Windows)

New: Create PDF Server for Acrobat 8 on Windows

Introduction “Create PDF Server”

PDF HandShake Print plug-in for Acrobat 8

Allows the easy selection of advanced printing options:
  • In-RIP separations
  • Preserve PDF halftones
  • Ignore ICC profiles

Tool Server

HELIOS Tool Server is a three-component solution for automating (remote) client applications. It is included with HELIOS ImageServer or PDF HandShake. Check additional information on the New Features in HELIOS Tool Server UB+ page.
Additional PDF functionality via PDF HandShake:
  • HTML to PDF conversion (via HELIOS “toolclient” application)
  • PDF flattening (via HELIOS “toolclient” application)

PDF preflighting

PDF HandShake UB+ incorporates pdfInspektor 4 (from callas software). pdfInspektor 4 is compatible with the Acrobat 8 preflight profiles. It utilizes the same underlying PDF check technology that is used in Adobe Acrobat 8.

Smart ICC 4 color management

  • DeviceLink ICC support
  • Grayscale ICC support
  • BPC (Black Point Compensation) which is a special treatment of low tones (darker areas) in conversions

  • Additional option to preserve a primary color in images (PureBlack, PureGrays, PureWhite, PureCMY), which can be changed irrespective of vector primary colors (PureVectorBlack, PureVectorGrays, PureVectorWhite, PureVectorCMY)
  • New HELIOS ICC Tagger application to tag ICC profiles to images (Mac and Windows)
  • Additional ICC profiles, (“sRGBv2” is now default)

CD024: New functions

  • Fixes in the PDF HandShake Print plug-in for Acrobat 8 on Mac Intel clients
  • PDF Type-1 CID support (Asian fonts support)
  • TrueType CID support (Asian fonts support)
  • PDF library enhancements offer higher compatibility
  • Create PDF Server support for Acrobat 9 on Windows
1) ImageServer UB+ is needed for OPI and image conversion
2) Tool Server and Adobe Acrobat required