New Features in HELIOS EtherShare UB+

Extended compatibility with AFP 3.1 server
mDNS (“Bonjour”) printer driver for Mac OS X 10.4 / 10.5 clients

Adding a HELIOS TCP printer to the “Printer List”

Add – Printer Setup Utility
Select More Printers…
Select printer type HELIOS TCP

Synchronization of the PPD (PostScript Printer Definition) between server and client

After the HELIOS TCP Printer has been created on the client the PPD of the assigned printer queue on the server is automatically used on the client.

New option to register LPR printers via mDNS (“Bonjour”): “LPR Bonjour Registration”

New LPR Bonjour Registration option

New AFP charset encodings

New AFP Charset encodings

CD024: New functions

  • “afpsrv” compatibility enhancements
  • HELIOS Meta extension for Mac OS X to support comments in server volumes
    • EtherShare UB+ allows adding extended file comments, which can be viewed and edited by mouse click. This HELIOS meta information is cross-platform compatible, i.e. file meta information that is also visible on PCShare clients and WebShare clients. See more