Tech Info 165: System messages on SLES 12

HELIOS Tech Info #165

Tue, 2 Dec 2014

System messages on SLES 12

Starting with SLES 12, SUSE no longer uses the traditional syslog format. Instead, the new “rsyslog” format with high-precision timestamps is used. This is currently not supported by HELIOS.

Making system messages readable for HELIOS services is important because:

  • HELIOS Admin will display the messages
  • the “psyslog” utility will display the messages
  • IT Monitor Server will keep track of the messages and warn about cirital errors

To re-enable the traditional logging format, do the following:

  • Open “/etc/rsyslog.conf”
  • Add or uncomment the following line:
    $ActionFileDefaultTemplate RSYSLOG_TraditionalFileFormat
  • Reload the system log deamon:
    kill -HUP `pidof rsyslogd`

All system messages written from now on will be readable for the HELIOS services.