Tech Info 132: Mac OS X 10.7 server support

HELIOS Tech Info #132


Update (Mon, 5 Sep 2011):

The updates u0902, u0903, u0905, and u0906 add Mac OS X 10.7 support for the HELIOS Services.
For installation, install the HELIOS CD025 and apply all available updates. Then stop the HELIOS Services via stop-helios now in Terminal and restart them via start-helios.

Some client applications and WebShare need Java which is not longer pre-installed on Mac OS X 10.7. See HELIOS Tech Info #134 on how to install Java.


Mon, 1 Aug 2011

Mac OS X 10.7 server support

Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” is fully supported as a client workstation by HELIOS UB2 (CD25). However Lion is not supported as HELIOS server platform in the initial UB2 release. It is planned to add this feature in a future UB2 update. See also HELIOS Tech Info #135.

We will update this Tech Info as soon as new information is available.