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465, 478, 853, 891, 925, 992, 1013, 1066, 1070, 1093,
1152, 1162, 1181, 1281, 1313, 1316, 1342, 1352, 1354,
1355, 1361, 1391, 1535, 1583


Mon Mar 1 15:29:54 CET 2004


"public/MacOS/EtherShare Tools/EtherShare Admin/EtherShare Admin"
"public/MacOS/EtherShare Tools/EtherShare Admin/.rsrc/EtherShare Admin"
"public/MacOS/EtherShare Tools/EtherShare Admin/Admin Plug-Ins/International/Dutch"(3.1.0u0368, 0x1)
"public/MacOS/EtherShare Tools/EtherShare Admin/Admin Plug-Ins/International/.rsrc/Dutch"
"public/MacOS/EtherShare Tools/EtherShare Admin/Admin Plug-Ins/International/French"(3.1.0u0368, 0x1)
"public/MacOS/EtherShare Tools/EtherShare Admin/Admin Plug-Ins/International/.rsrc/French"
"public/MacOS/EtherShare Tools/EtherShare Admin/Admin Plug-Ins/International/German"(3.1.0u0368, 0x1)
"public/MacOS/EtherShare Tools/EtherShare Admin/Admin Plug-Ins/International/.rsrc/German"
"public/MacOS/EtherShare Tools/EtherShare Admin/Admin Plug-Ins/International/Italian"(3.1.0u0368, 0x1)
"public/MacOS/EtherShare Tools/EtherShare Admin/Admin Plug-Ins/International/.rsrc/Italian"
"public/MacOS/EtherShare Tools/EtherShare Admin/Admin Plug-Ins/International/Japanese"(3.1.0u0368, 0x1)
"public/MacOS/EtherShare Tools/EtherShare Admin/Admin Plug-Ins/International/.rsrc/Japanese"
"public/MacOS/EtherShare Tools/EtherShare Admin/Admin Plug-Ins/International/Norwegian"(3.1.0u0368, 0x1)
"public/MacOS/EtherShare Tools/EtherShare Admin/Admin Plug-Ins/International/.rsrc/Norwegian"
"public/MacOS/EtherShare Tools/EtherShare Admin/Admin Plug-Ins/International/Swedish"(3.1.0u0368, 0x1)
"public/MacOS/EtherShare Tools/EtherShare Admin/Admin Plug-Ins/International/.rsrc/Swedish"




EtherShare Admin


This update includes several fixes and enhancements to
EtherShare Admin. The french, italian, japanese, norwegian and
swedish localizations have been updated.
After a successful installation it is recommended to do a
"stop-helios" and "start-helios -i" to force a rebuild of
the "HELIOS Applications" volume and, on Mac OS X, to copy
the updated EtherShare Admin to the "/Application" folder.
- Adding/removing groups in the volume settings could cause
wrong entries or crashes. (Bug 465)
- Disable "Printer" menu items while dragging jobs to avoid access
to not existing print jobs, this did cause the error message
"No more sessions available". (Bug 478)
- The pop-up menus in a printer settings window could show
wrong entries. (Bug 853)
- Display warning if a print job might be interrupted by a drag.
(Bug 891)
- Closing the "Extension Mappings" window could cause a crash
if a suffix was still edited and not yet saved. (Bug 925)
- Font smoothing on Mac OS X is now enabled. (Bug 992)
- The icon for "Spool only" or "Spool and Print" in the printer
list was not updated if the spool status was changed in any
other window than the printer list. (Bug 1066)
- Dragging, deleting and reverting did not work correctly in
the Printers list window of a Balance/Clone queue. (Bug 1070)
- Extra menus (Printer, Volumes) could disappear if a background
window was minimized and put to front again by clicking the
dock on Mac OS X. (Bug 1093)
- EtherShare Admin does now display alerts and quit if active
server connections are lost after sleep mode. (Bug 1152)
- The zone pop-up entry could be empty when creating new printers.
(Bug 1181)
- Limiting the maximum number of groups for a user did not work
correctly, EtherShare Admin did allow one group more than
allowed. (Bug 1281)
- List windows could contain garbage at the end of the list
after a "Revert". (Bug 1313)
- "MacIcelandic" can not be selected anymore as "SMB Charset"
in the Volume settings window. (Bug 1316)
- Using the @ character in the "PAP Name" of a printer does now
work, e.g. "ljet@myhost". (Bug 1342)
- "Hide Printer" for PAP printers did not work. (Bug 1352)
- The "Name" pop-up for PAP printers was not correctly filled if
EtherShare Admin is connected via TCP and there is a hidden
printer. (Bug 1352)
- The default value of the "Suppress Forward to Hold Queue"
preference of a Print Preview printer queue is now handled
correctly. (Bug 1354)
- The "Clear" menu item is now disabled for the group list in
the volume settings window if the user does not have the
permission to change settings. (Bug 1355)
- The "Edit PPD", "Edit Distiller Settings" and
"Edit Distiller Security" menu items in the printer menu
opened the same window. (Bug 1361)
- The hold/error queue pop-up in the Printer Settings window
did not work in the Dutch localization. (Bug 1391)
- Better error messages are displayed if the server connection
is lost. (Bug 1535)
- Changing any setting for a volume did turn on the "Create Layouts"
preference. (Bug 1583)
- The focus in the login window is set to the user name field
instead of the password field if the user name is not found in
the system.
- User, group, volume and ip access list blinked for each
mouse click.
- Dragging several items into a list window did not work if
one of the items was already present in the list (e.g. dragging
groups into a user settings window.
- Wrong items could appear in the "Windows" menu.
NOTE: Before installing this update, the update installer itself
must be updated with one of the updates u0300-u0306.


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