Tech Info 193: HELIOS VSA 3: VMware VMXNET3 driver status

HELIOS Tech Info #193

Mon, 12 Jul 2021

HELIOS VSA 3: VMware VMXNET3 driver status

The Virtual Server Appliance 3 (VSA 3) ships in a lower "VM version" with generic virtual hardware to be compatible with as many hypervisors/environments as possible out of the box. This works perfect with great performance.

In case a customer requires the VSA 3 included and supported VMXNET3 driver some additional steps are necessary:

  • With the VM shut down, upgrade the VM version to the latest version available on the hypervisor (in VMware: “Upgrade VM Compatibility”).
  • In the VM options, select “Debian GNU/Linux 10 (64-bit)” as the guest OS. On older hypervisors that do not have a Debian 10 option yet, choose the latest Debian 64-bit available.
  • VMXNET3 can now be selected as “Adapter Type”. This will change the interface names within the VM, so you will need to reconfigure the network interfaces using the VSA “Configuration Assistant”.