Tech Info 163: HELIOS server products on OS X 10.10

HELIOS Tech Info #163


Update (Thu, 29 Jan 2015):

HELIOS server solutions running on OS X Server 10.10 do not work properly if AD/PDC authentication is enabled. In this case HELIOS uses new user and group IDs which derive from the AD/PDC accounts. Several OS X system functions, including “getpwuid” and “syslog”, will hang or crash when using processes running under these new user/group IDs. See HELIOS Tech Info #135 for details.


Fri, 14 Nov 2014

HELIOS server products on OS X 10.10

HELIOS UB64 server products are compatible with OS X 10.10 (aka Yosemite) or OS X 10.10 Server.

However, the OpenDirectory authentication against an OS X 10.10 Server does currently not work. As a workaround, we recommend to use an older OS X Server as OpenDirectory server (e.g. OS X 10.7 to 10.9).

We will update this Tech Info upon changes.