Tech Info 161: UB64 Windows 2012 “crontool” does not work

HELIOS Tech Info #161


Update (Fri, 07 Nov 2014):

HELIOS update u1102 solves this problem.

However, if you created a “HELIOS-DAILY” task as described below
then you should delete it again after installing update u1102:



Mon, 13 Oct 2014

UB64 Windows 2012 “crontool” does not work

Starting with Windows Server 2012, Windows uses “schtasks” and not “at” anymore, the HELIOS “crontool” does not work and the HELIOS “helios-daily.bat” cronjob does not get registered with the Windows 2012 task scheduler system.

As a result, the accounting files in “HELIOSDIRvaradm” do not get rotated every night.

Until an update for the HELIOS “crontool” is available, you can create a scheduled job manually.

Start a “Command Prompt” as “Administrator” and verify that the HELIOSDIR environment variable is set:

> echo %HELIOSDIR%
C:Program FilesHelios

Then enter the following command line:

> schtasks /CREATE /TN HELIOS-DAILY /RU SYSTEM /SC DAILY /ST 00:00 /TR "%HELIOSDIR%sbinhelios-daily.bat"

This will create a task with the name “HELIOS-DAILY”, which runs every day at “00:00”.

We will update this Tech Info upon changes.