Tech Info 063: Migration may overwrite public volume settings

HELIOS Tech Info #063

Fri, 22 Nov 2002

Migration may overwrite public volume settings

The format to store server settings has changed with the CD018 product versions. To maintain previous settings there is a migration tool as described in HELIOS Base manual 1.1, chapter 4.2.
On migration of PCShare volumes, the public volume settings will be overwritten in case there is a “public” volume defined for PCShare. As a result it would not be accessible from EtherShare any longer, and a wrong encoding is assigned.
To restore the correct volume settings for the "public" volume, perform the following tasks:
  • Stop all running HELIOS services via 'stop-helios'
  • Start the HELIOS services again via 'start-helios -i'


Do not use EtherShare Admin to change the volume encoding (the UTF8 flag) since this would force a volume conversion which is not needed since the file and folder names in the public volume are already UTF-8 encoded.