New Features in HELIOS WebShare UB

Custom forms

Custom forms allow action scripts with customized HTML fields, e.g. checkbox, text field, buttons:
The action script receives the form fields as variables and can output a new form, or other text results, or exit without any output. The custom forms feature allows running CGI like scripts directly on the WebShare file server. Custom forms facilitate user interaction, data collection, etc.

E-mail / memo support within the WebShare file browser

E-Mail / memo support within the WebShare file browser. No additional e-mail program is needed. Convenient feature for users, even inserts selected file names.

RSA 1024-bit encrypted login

With JavaScript enabled, login passwords are sent in 1024-bit RSA encryption to the Authentication server. In doing so, the security level is enhanced significantly.

“Enforce RSA 1024-bit crypted Passwords”

This option enforces a higher security level against spyed passwords by permitting only encrypted user logins. For this purpose, JavaScript must be active in the web browser. If it is not, a warning message is issued stating that logging on to WebShare is not possible.

Mac OS X 10.3 / 10.4 Finder Zip compatibility

“zipstream” generates Unicode 10.3 / 10.4 Zip downloads, making it compatible with Safari. StuffIt Expander is not needed.

Compressed HTML pages; 2-5 times faster browsing

Modern browsers, e.g. Safari, FireFox, Internet Explorer support “gzip” compressed HTML pages. If supported by the browser, the WebShare Webserver generates “gzip” compressed HTML pages. For slow connections, e.g. via modem or ISDN lines this will increase the browsing performace by factor 2-5, depending on the content.

“Forgot Password” option

Provides an optional page for a user to submit a request for a lost password. Response can be customized to provide a new password, or, an administrator can be notified.

“Register New User” option

Provides an optional page to request a new user account. Easy account creation, no need for anonymous users, can monitor every user.

Improved network statistics

Allows traffic reports on uploading, downloading, and previewing actions. This feature serves to audit the total traffic on a WebShare server.

Disable “Cannot Change Password” option

The “Cannot Change Password” option can be set so that specified users are not allowed to change their WebShare password.  Good for guest accounts.

Additional new action scripts included

WebShare comes with additional new scripts which facilitate custom scripting:

Action Script


Preflight PDF with pdfInspektor

Get basic image information

Get information on XPV preview file

Collect files referenced in XPV preview and write report

PDF file information (via “pdfinfo” tool)

Build custom HTML forms (see “Custom forms” section above)

Quota support

File system user quota limits are supported. Disk free shows correct quota free space.