New Features in HELIOS PCShare UB

PCShare UB has been developed to provide a high level of compatibility with Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 SMB/CIFS file and print server protocols.

File streams support

PCShare UB can now handle Windows NTFS file streams and related commands (create / rename / move / remove). This enables enhanced compatibility with Windows servers and NTFS, as well as better cross-platform support. Windows file streams are preserved even after a Windows file is modified by an EtherShare Mac client. Mac file meta data is preserved even after a Mac file is modified by a PCShare Windows client.

Mac type file event support

Now supports file events / OPI layouts for files without a suffix but with a Mac file type. Provides enhanced compatibility for ImageServer scripts and OPI layout file generation.

Unicode SMB support

The PCShare UB SMB protocol uses now 16-bit Unicode. The server supports Unicode/UTF-8 file system, and the 255 character limit has been overcome.

Volume access list

PCShare now supports the volume access list which can be easily set up in HELIOS Admin, and by which access to the HELIOS volumes is controlled on a per-volume basis.

Better Windows compatibility

  • Long UTF-8 volume names are supported for sharepoints, when using the net use command
  • Support for Umlauts in volume names
  • Windows attributes “System”, “Hidden”, “Archive”, “Read-only”, and the creation date are supported (see image below)

Windows Terminal Server (WTS)

The WTS provides multiple sessions for different users. It connects only once to an SMB/CIFS server and multiplexes the different user sessions over a single TCP/IP connection. The same technique is used for XP user switching where different user sessions can connect to the same SMB/CIFS share. PCShare has been tested with WTS and XP sessions and supports the user session switching feature over a single connection. In heavy duty client environments, separate Windows clients (no WTS) have a significant performance benefit over WTS sessions where the SMB/CIFS access is being serialized by a single TCP/IP connection.


Similar to EtherShare Admin and PCShare Admin, the HELIOS Admin client is a convenient tool that allows configuring users, groups, volumes, printer queues, etc.

UNIX permissions

The Windows Explorer shell extension in the “Properties” dialog allows reviewing and changing the UNIX permissions for user, group and other. The benefit is that you will have transparent permissions between Windows, UNIX, Mac and Web clients.

NTLMv2 support

Support for latest Microsoft NTLMv2 authentication, which guarantees a higher level of security.

Quota support

File system user quota limits are supported. Disk free shows correct quota free space.