New Features in HELIOS PrintPreview UB2

  • Enhanced rendering capability
  • New softproofing add-on for WebShare UB2
  • New hardproofing add-on for WebShare UB2
  • New color information add-on for WebShare UB2
  • PrintPreview UB2 introduces an entirely new document review capability to WebShare UB2, with hierarchical annotation support. This works with multiple-page PDF documents, XPress/InDesign XPV documents, and Office documents (using Tool Server remote automation) as well as with all major image formats. It tracks document versions and allows signing off ready-to-go documents.
  • Printing out WebShare annotations is now fully supported. The first page will contain the image with its marks:

    the following pages will show the comments:

    In addition, it is now possible to specify printing resolutions and the ICC profile for the proof printer. A user specified lefthand margin is also supported:
  • Annotation author, project title, file status and due date information is indexed and searchable via the HELIOS Spotlight search feature
  • The annotation access e-mail now includes a URL which allows users to jump directly from the e-mail into the annotation board by entering the credentials only.


Existing PrintPreview queue based soft and hard proofing, as well as “psrip” features are still fully supported, basically all proofing/reviewing capabilities are moved to PrintPreview UB2.