Migrating HELIOS UB to UB+

Migrating the HELIOS UB software to the UB+ product versions is extremely easy to do. Existing UB settings are compatible with the UB+ software. Our experience is that it works without any problems.

1. SQL desktop database

The UB+ preview includes the new SQL desktop database. If you are migrating to UB+, an automatic desktop rebuild is performed on all volumes. This can take, depending on the amount of files in the volumes, quite some time.

Workaround: Before installing the UB+ preview, install the SQL desktop database beta on your existing HELIOS UB installation first, and convert the volumes manually before switching to UB+. This allows you to have manual control instead of an automated conversion.

2. ICC rendering intents

For color matching in HELIOS UB, the default rendering intent from the source file was used in the special case that the destination profile is an RGB display profile. Setting the ICC intents in HELIOS Admin for a printer queue had no effect in that case.

In HELIOS UB+, the rendering intent information is not taken from the source profile any longer – ICC intents specified in HELIOS Admin are used without exception. This can result in visibly different output, e.g. when proofing with an RGB display proof profile.

3. HELIOS shipped sample scripts

HELIOS provides updated sample scripts for both Script Server and WebShare. In order to make them available, they must first be copied:

Script Server: From “var/settings/Script Server/Samples” to “var/settings/Script Server”

WebShare: From “var/settings/WebShare/Actions/Samples” to “var/settings/WebShare/Actions”

4. PCShare DOS and Windows 3.1 clients

# cd /usr/local/helios
# bin/stop-helios
# bin/prefrestore etc/pcscompat/pcsdossrv.prefs
# bin/start-helios

5. Documentation

All HELIOS UB+ user manuals, except for the HELIOS Tool Server user manual, are included in printed form in the product shipments. The HELIOS Tool Server user manual is available online.


DHCP server: The HELIOS DHCP server is not part of PCShare UB+ anymore. It is now included as a separate server in HELIOS Base UB+. For information read the HELIOS Base UB+ manual.

SLP / “Bonjour” (mDNS): The new HELIOS TCP Printer driver, which finds available printers via "Bonjour" (mDNS), requires Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5.

However, old SLP based HELIOS printer queues still work on UB+ but we recommend that you upgrade to the new UB+ HELIOS TCP Printer driver.

ImageServer (OPI functionality): OPI layout images are now always created in a “layouts” folder. The option to create OPI layout images with a “.lay” suffix is not available anymore in HELIOS Admin. Users who had specified this functionality in older versions cannot change it in HELIOS Admin after having upgraded to HELIOS UB+.

However, the following command allows restoring the UB+ behavior (“layouts” folder):

# prefvalue -k 'Global/Opi/UseLayoutDir' -d

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