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Digital photography has revolutionized the world of static images. No time for tedious processing: compose, click, ready-to-use! This not only saves quantities of developer, but also of time. A decisive advantage if production cycles are getting shorter and shorter.

Utilizing the Web for exchanging image data is yet another step ahead. Being ahead means being on top. And to be on top you need to be the decisive bit faster. And more reliable. And more independent, too. Independent from space and time.

HELIOS solutions are optimized for fast and secure file access. Compared to other technologies they offer faster and simpler file and folder presentation and transfer via the Internet. Images just taken can be accessed or be selected from the gallery view as quick as a wink. From anywhere in the world – via a personalized Web based portal. A color-matched ICC proof, viewed via browser or printed to any local or remote printer, is also possible.

Moreover, HELIOS offers the best and most advanced technology for digital camera data: 16-bit color support, ICC color conversion, RAW image format support, lossless image compression including JPEG2000, rescaling and image format conversion, and hot folder or web click automation.

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